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Meatless meals for meat eaters

Going meatless is not only good for your waistline, and your overall health, but did you know it’s also good on your budget? That’s right, it’s killing three birds with one stone. Okay, maybe that isn’t a good analogy, but at any rate going meatless can be good for you, and guess what, it tastes good too! The trick is to replace the meat with more whole grains, legumes, fruit s and veggies so that you’ll be full enough.
Meatless Meals for Meat Eaters
Start Slow — Try replacing one meal a week with a meatless meal. Do not replace the meat with cheese, however. This will add too many calories and you’ll lose the benefits of eating meatless. So try creating meatless meals once a week that are actually void of animal products for the best results.

Find New Recipes — If you have a family favorite, it’s probably not a good idea at first to rewrite the recipe to fit your meatless nights. Instead, find brand new recipes that were created as meatless meals to start with. You’ll find that you like them a lot better and you’ll add variety to your diet.

Carbs Are Good — Many people in the low-carb craze have gotten the idea that carbs are bad for you. The truth is, processed foods are bad for you. Whether high carb, or low carb. Eat whole foods that are natural and you’ll find that eating these kinds of carbs which are rich in fiber and other necessary nutrients for life make you feel better.

Use Spices Liberally — To give your meatless dishes high flavor experiment with herbs and spices to bring out the great flavors is your dishes. Try using fresh herbs and dried herbs that you’ve never used. Get ideas from recipe sites that have ratings of tried and true meatless meals. It’s shocking when you realize how many spices exist that you have never even tried.

Try Something New — There is such a huge variety of foods on this planet. Most people regularly eat the same foods each week. Start trying new foods, you’ll be shocked at how much there is out there that you’ve never thought of. By trying foods you’ve never tasted before you’ll break into culinary discoveries that you’ve never imagined and you won’t even miss the meat.

Eat Beans — There are so many types of beans, and they are so easy to cook. Today you can even buy canned versions that are organic, salt and sugar free. If you choose to use canned always rinse and drain before use. Dried beans are simple to make too, especially if you invest in an electric pressure cooker. Simply clean beans, then cover with water, bring to a boil on the stove then turn off, cover, and let set for an hour, or more. When ready to cook, drain, rinse, throw into the pressure cooker with some liquid, onion, spices, and cook according to your pressure cooker instructions. Usually it takes less than 12 minutes!
Be Balanced — When you switch to a meatless diet, don’t eat tons of bread, pasta and grains all the time. You only need about three servings of that per day. Remember there are beans, veggies and fruit. Incorporate all of these to your diet for the very best results and optimum health. If you fix beans for dinner, accompany with a huge spinach salad, and pears for dessert. You’ll be satisfied and healthy.

Meatless meals for meat eaters
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